Ha so at best buy I’m becoming a “microsoft expert”

even though everything I own is apple. It restricts me from selling apple, which is a lot of revenue, but there are some really good perks with the job. So I’m doing it.

I’ll just be a professional actor now

Can I just clarify that a SALESPERSON’s job is to sell products and help you find the right fit.
While yes, I could stand around and troubleshoot your ipad for an hour, it is preventing me from doing my job, which is bringing in revenue for my company.
Not to mention an actual tech support employee knows WAY more about technicalities, so we can skip the part where I send you over there anyway because I’m clueless.

So be polite. If you need tech support, don’t approach a salesperson. It’s worth waiting in line.
Now we’re not wasting eachother’s time.